Communicate in several languages!

Awarding contactDo you have customers or suppliers who are better at English (or any other language) than they are at Swedish? Then I can help you to still reach out with your message to these. 

If your products are to be described in technical terms, it suites me even better as I have lots of experience of technical development and in marketing of technology-based products and services, with English as the working language.

I make translations primarily between Swedish and English. I have however also successfully translated documents from Danish to English and Swedish. In addition to my own skills I also have access to a network of skilled people, which means that I, in addition to Swedish and English, on request, can offer translations involving combinations of these two and other languages, such as German, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian.

Almost anything goes

I translate texts and documents of most kinds, from promotional material to manuals, user manuals, technical documentation and business descriptions to home pages and entire websites.

Some examples of translations made:

  • Some complete websites with many web pages, from Swedish to English
  • Brochures about RFID solutions, into English
  • Technical specification of train brakes, from English to Swedish
  • TV manual, from English to Swedish
  • Technical descriptions as attachments to tender, into English
  • Company presentations, into English
  • Safety regulations, from Danish to Swedish and English
  • Risk Management Plan, to English
  • The book “Gammelstad Church Town and World Heritage” to English


Here are a couple of statements about translations that I’ve delivered.
“Bengt has translated some brochures and also our entire website,, into English. We are very pleased “

Anette Selberg, InMemo AB, Göteborg

“In connection with the start of the Eitech brand, we engaged Bengt to translate information, among other things, to our partners and customers about the name change. He also translated our entire website – – to english. A time and resource-intensive work that he performed with good quality and delivered entirely by agreement.”

Jens Ålstig, Eitech AB, Umeå















And more references…

Some other customers I’ve made translations for are Alent Dynamic, Designtech, Eitech Sverige, Eitec International, InMemory, Fiedler & Lundgren, Goodtech, InterNIT, Luleå Näringsliv, Philips, Relitor and Teknomedia.

Please give me call at +46 70-543 37 86 or send me an email at bengt at and tell me how I can help you.